Originally a soccer player, Abraham Bably seems to have found himself as a hard-hitting heavyweight. Bably has competed just three times – once a year – since making his professional MMA debut in 2021. Bably, who makes his Bellator debut tonight, has fought in the PFL twice – getting a decision over Louie Sutherland in a showcase bout during the 2022 playoffs and a first-round of Hassan Graham during the 2023 PFL Challenger Series.


Isaiah Pinson also came from another sport – being a former All-American offensive lineman – before transitioning over to MMA. A striking specialist who made his professional MMA debut in 2022, also enters today 3-0 with two victories in the PFL. His PFL performances have seen him defeat Vitor Resende by decision during the 2023 PFL Challenger Series and Denzel Freeman by decision in a showcase bout during the 2023 regular season.


Which young heavyweight will continue their undefeated streak and make noise here in a double Bellator debut bout?



Round 1


The two start to feel each other out in the center of the cage. Bably comes forward, but Pinson holds off Bably’s grappling attempts. Bably tries to land inside again. About a minute in and Bably drives through, scoring a takedown on Pinson against the fence. Pinson tries to get back to his feet, but Bably re-establishes the takedown. Pinson gives up his back to try and get back to his feet. He’s able to, but Bably keeps him pinned against the fence. Bably grabs his leg and brings him back down again.


Pinson tries to strike upstairs on Bably, looking for anything to get himself out of Bably’s grasp. A couple of left hands from Bably as Pinson is now fully back to his feet. One underhook later, and he escapes Bably and gets off the fence. Bably lands a hook. Bably looking like he’s letting his hands go, working some combinations. Bably shoots in and lifts Pinson, scoring another takedown. Pinson spends the last minute of the fight landing several strikes against Bably, but they seem to do nothing, as Bably keeps him against the fence until the bell.



Round 2


A couple of right hands from Pinson to open up. Pinson lands a leg kick. Pinson trying to keep his distance. Bably shoots in and scores yet another takedown. Bably gets in half guard, pinning Pinson’s right leg, and Pinson is struggling to show much defense. Bably working over Pinson, staying in the half guard and showering him with left hands.


Pinson seems stuck on the mat, trying to turn himself but finding himself unable to. Bably continues to land the left. Bably keeping a good pace between overwhelming Pinson with the grappling position and landing the left hands. Bably gets into the mount, but Pinson sneaks his way out and brings the fight back to the feet. Bably lands a left hand. Low kick from Bably. Strong left hand from Bably clashes with a front kick from Pinson. Bably lands another strong left hand. Bably shoots in again, but Pinson resists. Bably pressures Pinson’s back to the fence in the closing seconds of the round but is unable to score another takedown.



Round 3


An early left hand from Bably, and he quickly brings Pinson back to the ground. Bably manages to get to Pinson’s back, and he’s holding off Pinson’s attempts to return the fight to the feet. Bably landing to the body from the top. Pinson tried to work from the bottom, grabbing a hold of Bably’s right hand and landing an elbow. Bably, however, is relentless with his pressure.


Pinson tries to get away, but Bably continues to lock him up with his grasp and mixes in pressuring strikes. Pinson tries to scramble, but Bably remains in top position. Bably gets his way into side control, landing several strikes and just simply keeping Pinson down. With 30 seconds left, Pinson tries to get back to the feet one more time, but Bably stops it and lands several hooks from the top. Bably swings wildly in the fight’s closing seconds. Pinson rolls through and gets back to the feet, but it’s too little and too late.


Bably sweeps the judges’ scorecards in a unanimous decision win.





Abraham Bably defeats Isaiah Pinson by Unanimous Decision in a heavyweight bout