Before competing in professional MMA, Archie Colgan was a highly successful NCAA Division-I wrestler at the University of Wyoming, scoring 112 victories with a couple of conference championships and NCAA Championship qualifications. Colgan is 9-0 in professional MMA, with five knockouts and one submission. Six of those fights have come in Bellator, and he most recently fought at Bellator 301, scoring a decision over Pieter Buist.


Thibault Gouti is an experienced combatant in MMA, competing in his 24th pro fight tonight. Gouti has won five of his last six fights, and he has 13 finishes to his name, with 10 coming in the first round. Gouti, at 2-1 in Bellator, most recently fought at Bellator 296, scoring a second-round knockout of Kane Mousah.


Will Colgan be able to maintain his undefeated record, or can Gouti continue to ride his upward momentum?



Round 1


Gouti starts things off with a couple of jabs. Left jab for Gouti. Gouti continues to work the jab. Colgan misses a left to the body. Colgan with a jab. Colgan shoots in and lands a double-leg takedown quickly. Gouti gets to his feet, but his body is pressed against the fence. Colgan brings him back down. Gouti gets to his feet again, but Colgan lands short right hands on the inside. Colgan trips Gouti and gets him back down, now on Gouti’s back. Gouti gets back up, but he deals with foot stomps before Colgan slams him back down. Rapid fire left hands landing on Gouti’s head. Colgan is relentless here! They are hurting Gouti, but he’s trying to fight back. Gouti is on his knees covering up. Colgan continues to fire!


Gouti lands an uppercut from the bottom. Colgan adjusts his position and looks to work around Gouti’s guard. Gouti tries to lock Colgan down. Colgan gets into side control. Gouti lands inside elbows from the bottom. Colgan lands a couple of strong hammerfists from side position before Gouti looks for butterfly hooks. Gouti lands strong short shots. Gouti with a strong elbow from the bottom. Colgan tries to return to side control, but he’s battling Gouti’s legs.



Round 2


Jab by Colgan. The fight’s pace has slowed down in the first 30 seconds of the round. Colgan fakes a level change. Jab from Colgan. Jab to the body by Gouti. Gouti with another jab to the body. Colgan with another fake level change. Colgan lands a nasty uppercut. Gouti works a combination on the inside. Colgan goes in for a takedown and gets it. Colgan immediately jumps to Gouti’s back. Colgan fires off a few strong right hands. Gouti tries to battle the hands and gets warned for grabbing the glove.


Colgan lands a couple of big knees to the ribs of Gouti. Colgan worked Gouti over with several punches to the head as Gouti tried to work his way back to the feet. Colgan with a couple of more knees to the body. Colgan works foot stomps as Gouti returns to the feet. Colgan with the mat return. Colgan with some more knees to the body. Colgan landing several right hands. Colgan goes for a rear-naked choke but can’t lock it in. Colgan continues to land right hand after right hand. More foot stomps from Colgan – this time on the ground. It’s another dominant round from “King” Colgan.



Round 3


Gouti fires off several jabs. Right hand from Colgan. Combination from Colgan, but he misses a big right uppercut. Left hand from Colgan is blocked. Gouti goes for a right hook. One-two from Colgan. Left hand from Colgan. Right uppercut is avoided by Gouti. Left to the body by Gouti. Colgan shoots in and scores another takedown. Gouti with an inside shot. Colgan with a foot stomp. Colgan has Gouti wobbled as the two return to their feet.


Gouti backs up to the fence. Colgan lands a few solid shots, including an uppercut. Gouti tries to jab but eats a couple of uppercuts. Colgan with a level change, and Gouti goes down again. Colgan easily working over Gouti on the ground, landing several right hands. Gouti brings himself over to the fence, but Colgan is continuing to land to the head. The fight goes back to the feet with just over a minute left in the fight. Right hand from Colgan. Right hand from Gouti. Inside leg kick from Gouti. Big left hand from Colgan. Left hand to the body by Gouti. Colgan continues to walk Gouti down here. One-two from Gouti is missed. Gouti fires off a flurry and lands a left hook. The two trade in the center before the bell.





Archie Colgan defeats Thibault Gouti by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26 x2) in a lightweight bout