A product of John Kavanagh’s at SBG Ireland, Asael Adjoudj is an accomplished striker as a second-degree black belt in Shotokan karate and a three-time world champion in kickboxing. Known as “The Sultan,” Adjoudj enters this fight on a seven-fight win streak and sporting a 5-1 record in Bellator. Adjoudj most recently was in action at Bellator 299 in September, scoring a unanimous decision win over Ibrahim Hassan.


Bruno Fontes has shown an aggressive style that’s brought him success so far in his young MMA career, entering Bellator Paris with a 7-0 record, with six wins coming via a finish. Making his Bellator debut tonight, Fontes has earned featherweight gold on the regional scene. Fontes’s most recent bout prior to tonight came in December 2022, scoring a fifth-round submission over Willian Souza Guadalupe.


Can Adjoudj keep his momentum and hand Fontes his first loss as a pro, or will Fontes continue his winning ways?



Round 1


Adjoudj starts right away working combinations. Adjoudj catches a kick and brings Fontes over to the fence. Adjoudj is able to get Fontes to the ground on his knees. Adjoudj throwing knees to the side of Fontes. Adjoudj looking to work his arms into a guillotine, but he quickly abandons that plan, continuing to work on Fontes’s back. Adjoudj with a few punches up top. Fontes returns to his feet, but Adjoudj quickly gets him back down, throwing a few knees in the process.


Adjoudj returns to the back of Fontes. Fontes works his way back to the feet. Adjoudj threw several right hands to the head. Adjoudj, however, gets the fight back down. The two trading punches to the head while grounded. Fontes gets back to the feet again, but Adjoudj chases for the back again, getting around him despite being against the fence. Adjoudj lifts Fontes and slams him down. And just as Fontes gets back up, Adjoudj sweeps his leg out. Adjoudj lands a combination on Fontes just before the bell.



Round 2


An early low kick from Fontes hits Adjoudj below the belt, and we get a brief timeout. Round kick to the body by Adjoudj. Adjoudj with a right hand. Fontes trying to press forward. Fontes goes for a spinning back fist but gets blocked. Both these two fired away early in the second round. A right hand catches Fontes’s attention. Fontes misses another backfist attempt. Adjoudj lands on the inside. Both men trade front kicks. A strong right hand drops Fontes, and some follow-up shots finishes it!



Asael Adjoudj continues to impress in MMA!





Asael Adjoudj defeats Bruno Fontes by 2nd round KO (1:11) in a Bellator Featherweight bout