After a tough contest with 2022 PFL Women’s Lightweight World Champion Larissa Pacheco her first time out this year, Julia Budd will need a victory to have any shot at moving on to the playoffs. The former Bellator women’s featherweight champion, Budd enters this fight on a three-fight losing streak. After defeating Kaitlin Young in her PFL debut in 2021, Budd dropped decisions to Genah Fabian and Aspen Ladd in 2022. Her only other losses in this sport have come against Cris Cyborg, Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes.


After a win over Jacqueline Cavalcanti in the 2022 PFL Challenger Series, Martina Jindrova earned wins over Vanessa Melo and Zamzagul Fayzallanova last year before a loss to Kayla Harrison in the women’s lightweight semifinals. A multiple-time world champion in kickboxing and Muay Thai, Jindrova was stopped by Amber Leibrock in April.


Both women are in win-or-go-home situations here.



Round 1


Jindrova tries to show speed early in the center of the SmartCage, but Budd lands a leg kick. Jindrova throws a one-two, but Budd gets another leg kick. High kick from Budd is blocked. Budd tries to come forward, but Jindrova shows food defense. Leg kick from Budd and a right hand from Jindrova. A right hand over the top by Jindrova seemed to clip and stumble Budd, putting her in retreat. Jindrova clinches up, but Budd ties her up and lands a couple of knees.


Jindrova is able to get out and bring the fight back to the center. A couple of left hands from Jindrova get blocked. Jindrova fires a couple of more lefts and lands. Budd tries to come forward, but she can’t seem to get a read on Jindrova as the action slows down in the last minute. Another leg kick by Budd and overhand right from Jindrova.




Round 2


Low kick from Budd. The two get into a brief exchange. Right hand from Budd on the inside. Budd gets in close and pins Jindrova against the fence. Jindrova tries to pummel, but Budd keeps position and resists Jindrova’s efforts to break out. Budd lands a few knees to the body before a break.


Left-right from Jindrova as the two battle in the center, the action having slowed again. Jindrova lands a jab as Budd comes forward but is unable to land or trap Jindrova again. Budd goes in for a clinch again, and Jindrova lands inside as she avoids her. One-two from Jindrova lands before the bell.



Round 3


One-two from Jindrova. Another small combination from Jindrova. An exchange sees Budd land an overhand. Jindrova lands a jab, but Budd surges through and pins Jindrova against the fence looking for a takedown. Budd lands a couple of knees to the body. Budd lands a mix of knees and foot stomps as Jindrova looks to pummel. Jindrova nearly escapes, but Budd brings her back with several more knees.


Budd looks for a high single-leg takedown, but Jindrova is able to get out of it. A left and a right from Jindrova. Jindrova misses an uppercut. Budd lands a one-two but can’t clinch again. Right hand by Jindrova. Budd continues to come forward with strong attacks, especially the right hand. The two have a brief exchange before the final bell.





Julia Budd def. Martina Jindrova via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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