Magomed Magomedkerimov has consistently been one of the top welterweights since the PFL’s inception, defeating Ray Cooper III for the 2018 PFL World Championship and falling short of the 2021 World Title in a rematch. He also competed in the 2019 Playoffs before falling ill. Visa issues affected Magomedkerimov’s 2022 campaign, where he ultimately missed the postseason for the first time, but he came back with a vengeance this season, scoring first-round finishes of Ben Egli and David Zawada for a perfect 12 points and the top seed at welterweight.


Solomon Renfro comes into tonight’s fight riding a three-fight win streak after a pair of losses. Renfro’s PFL debut came in June, impressing with a comeback, second-round knockout of Jarrah Al-Silawi. His five points originally weren’t enough for the postseason, but after an injury to Magomed Umalatov, Renfro now gets a big opportunity to steal the show again.


Who will advance to the 2023 PFL Welterweight World Championship showdown?



Round 1


The two meet in the center. Jab and a leg kick from Magomedkerimov. Combination by Renfro. Check hook by Magomedkerimov. Renfro with a combination inside. Body kick by Magomedkerimov. Low kick from Magomedkerimov. Front kick by Magomedkerimov. A couple of left hands from Renfro. Low kick from Renfro. Low kick from Magomedkerimov. Body kick from Magomedkerimov. A couple of left hands from Renfro. Low kick by Renfro. The two clinch up and Magomedkerimov is quickly thrown to the ground for a second.


Magomedkerimov level changes and scores a takedown. Magomedkerimov gets into the half guard as he throws some small strikes. Magomedkerimov tries to use strikes to the head to improve his positioning. Renfro tries to create space; he’s preventing Magomedkerimov from transitioning but not improving his own position. Renfro gets to his feet with about 20 seconds left in the round. The two separate with about 10 seconds left.



Round 2


Low kick from Magomedkerimov. One-two to the body by Renfro, who is on the front foot here. A couple of left hands from Renfro. Magomedkerimov with another low kick but he eats a jab. High kick by Magomedkerimov. Right hand by Renfro. Magomedkerimov shoots in for a takedown, but Renfro is able to fight it off impressively! The two slow down the pace, each trying to find a hole in the other’s game.


Both men working the jab. Strong left hand from Renfro. Renfro misses with a spinning back kick. Magomedkerimov lands an overhand right. Combination by Magomedkerimov. Right hand inside by Renfro. Magomedkerimov working the jab. Renfro throws a right, but Magomedkerimov changes levels and scores a takedown. Magomedkerimov gets around Renfro’s neck in a guillotine attempt, but Renfro shoves him off.



Round 3


Right hand by Renfro. A couple of left hands from Renfro. Renfro misses a hook to the body. Both men land on the inside. Both go for low kicks. Hook to the body by Renfro, who also slips out of Magomedkerimov’s punches. High kick lands for Magomedkerimov. Left hand by Magomedkerimov. Combination to the body by Renfro. Round kick to the body by Magomedkerimov.



Magomedkerimov level changes and gets another takedown. Magomedkerimov gets to his back and lands to the sides of his head. Knee to the back by Magomedkerimov. Renfro rolls through and gets out of Magomedkerimov’s grasp. Low kick by Magomedkerimov. Right hand by Renfro. Magomedkerimov with a right of his own. Magomedkerimov level changes again, but Renfro sprawls. Magomedkerimov lands a left, but Renfro shoots in and gets a takedown! Magomedkerimov throws up his guard. In spite of his best efforts, Renfro can’t get much going while in the guard.



Magomedkerimov now gets to compete at the PFL World Championships for the third time in his PFL career. He’s now one win away from his second PFL welterweight crown!





Magomed Magomedkerimov def. Solomon Renfro via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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