The 2018 PFL Welterweight World Champion returns to the SmartCage for his fifth PFL Regular Season. Magomed Magomedkerimov is the winningest fighter in the PFL with 30 pro victories and is tied for second most promotional wins with 12. Magomed has just one loss in the last eight years and looks to start his championship campaign tonight against Ben Egli, a PFL newcomer with a 100% finish rate in 14 career victories. Egli has held Welterweight championships in three different regional promotions and is ready to show the world his skill on the biggest stage.


Round 1 

Magomedkerimov is back in town and he’s blitzing Egli from the jump, landing some big right hands to wake Egli up early. He is just landing with the right at will early here and Egli is wobbled as Magomedkerimov lands a big one right behind the ear.

This one looks like it was over from the jump as Magomedkerimov swarms Egli from there and lands a big head kick! Egli wobbles for a moment and then just collapses to the mat and shells up and that’s it, a Quick Six for Magomedkerimov in just over a minute.






Magomed Magomedkerimov makes a statement and runs straight through Ben Egli for a Quick Six to start the 2023 Regular Season!


Magomed Magomedkerimov def. Ben Egli by first round KO (head kick, 1:03)