One name to keep an eye on at bantamweight is Sarvarjon Khamidov, who comes into tonight’s contest unbeaten at 15-0. The freestyle wrestling specialist and former Tajikistan National Wrestling Team member built up his grappling and striking through pankration and hand-to-hand combat competitions. Khamidov is 2-0 in the Bellator cage thus far, most recently scoring a submission of Kevin Betshi at Bellator 296.


Marcirley Alves da Silva is accomplished in his own right as a former regional bantamweight champion. A tough and relentless combatant, Alves da Silva has won five of his last six. The Brazilian made his Bellator debut in his last fight, scoring a first-round knockout of Jerrell Hodge at Bellator 298 in August.


Which bantamweight will impress in this one?



Round 1


Khamidov with a low kick, and Alves da Silva avoids his attempt to get inside. Alves da Silva throws a left hook and shoots in. Khamidov avoids the takedown but eats a knee. Left hook by Khamidov and he shoots in again. A knee by Khamidov, and he backs Alves da Silva to the fence. Khamidov with a knee to the leg. Khamidov continues to land those. Another couple of knees to the legs by Khamidov. Foot stomps by Khamidov, as Alves da Silva looks to throw a couple of short left punches. Alves da Silva tries to fight off the fence, but Khamidov keeps him there.


Alves da Silva turns it around and gets Khamidov to the fence. Khamidov breaks through the Wizzer and gets a hold of Alves da Silva’s back, as the two are against the fence still. Khamidov landing knees to the leg of Alves da Silva. Khamidov continues this attack, though Alves da Silva resists the attempt to get the fight down. Khamidov trying to get further around and get hooks in, but the fence is in the way. Khamidov gets the hook in and is trying to flatten Alves da Silva, but he can’t get it. The round ends with Khamidov on top.



Round 2


Khamidov with the jab. Alves da Silva coming forward. Combination from Khamidov in close. The two exchanging. Alves da Silva working the jab and trying to come in with a quick pace. Khamidov level changes, shoots in, and scores the takedown. Khamidov landing a couple of elbows in the guard. Right hand from Khamidov. Alves da Silva scrambles his way back to his feet – only for Khamidov to take him back down almost immediately. Khamidov gets into side control, and he’s trying to drive forward and get back to Alves da Silva’s back.


Khamidov gets the hooks in. Khamidov keeping hooks in while on the back with the body triangle. Alves da Silva keeping his defenses up as we have a battle for wrist control. Khamidov landing punches from the back. Khamidov hunts for the rear-naked choke. Khamidov can’t get it, but he does land a number of punches before the round’s end, in complete control of the fight.



Round 3


A couple of right hands from Alves da Silva to start. Left hand by Alves da Silva, but Khamidov lands a right. High kick from Khamidov is blocked. Front kick to the body by Khamidov. Right hand from Khamidov. Khamidov shoots in, and he lands another takedown. Khamidov lands a right hand. Khamidov pressuring. Alves da Silva tries desperately for a kimura, but he can’t find it with little space. Alves da Silva has a butterfly hook in, but he’s not doing anything effective, and he’s unable to escape Khamidov’s grasp.


Khamidov working over to the back it seems. Alves da Silva is looking for a kimura, but his hips are not in the right position. Khamidov quickly spins around and gets out of danger. Khamidov landing the right hand around him. Khamidov is not advancing, just continuing his pressure and negating the transition attempts of Alves da Silva. Alves da Silva landing a couple of shots to the head. Khamidov holding him down. Alves da Silva lands the left hand a few times before the final bell.





Sarvarjon Khamidov def. Marcirley Alves da Silva via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)