Considered the greatest Bellator fighter ever, Patricio Pitbull holds the Bellator records for most fights, wins and finishes – becoming the only four-time world champion in Bellator and one of just two fighters in Bellator history to be a champ-champ. Pitbull had won 10 of 11 when he challenged Sergio Pettis at Bellator 297 in an attempt to become MMA’s first fighter to win titles in three weight classes. Pitbull, however, fell short in that outing and was knocked out by Chihiro Suzuki in his last fight. Now, Pitbull looks to get back in the win column with another 145-pound title defense.


Known for the ground game he’s developed since starting jiu-jitsu at 13 years old, Jeremy Kennedy has been very successful across the MMA world, and now he looks to become a world champion for the first time. A jiu-jitsu black belt who competes out of Xtreme Couture, Kennedy has won four of his last five fights and enters tonight on a three-fight win streak. Kennedy’s victories of late include wins against Emmanuel Sanchez at Bellator 272, Aaron Pico at Bellator 286 and Pedro Carvalho at Bellator 291.


Will it be another win for Bellator’s G.O.A.T., or will Kennedy pull off the victory and secure the featherweight championship?



Round 1


The two start by staring each other down in the center of the cage. Low kick from Pitbull. High kick from Kennedy is blocked. Low kick by Pitbull, who is coming forward on the front foot. Another low kick from Pitbull. Pitbull flashes a jab. Inside kick from Kennedy. Pitbull lands another low kick. Kennedy flashes a jab. Low kick from Pitbull. Kick to the body by Kennedy. Left hand from Pitbull. Another left hand from Pitbull.


Round kick to the outside by Kennedy. Pitbull lands a couple of low kicks. Kennedy throws a combination. Pitbull with another low kick. Kennedy tries to pin Pitbull against the fence, but time gets called for an accidental clash of heads. Kick to the body by Kennedy is blocked. Another low kick by Pitbull, then he flashes his right hand to cause Kennedy to back up. Front kick by Kennedy. Low kick by Pitbull. A low kick by Kennedy. Left jab from Kennedy. Front kick by Kennedy, which gets Pitbull on his back foot. Kennedy throws a round kick. Kennedy’s leg is all reddened at the end of round one.



Round 2


Calf kick by Pitbull to open the round. Kennedy misses a left hand. Round kick by Kennedy. Front kick by Kennedy is blocked. Another calf kick by Pitbull. Kennedy throws a jab. Both throw hooks. Kennedy lands an outside low kick, then pursues Pitbull with a combination. Stiff combination by Kennedy has Pitbull moving backwards. Jab by Kennedy. One-two by Kennedy, and Pitbull responds in kind.


Low kick by Kennedy. Low kick by Pitbull. Another low kick from Pitbull. Right hand from Pitbull lands. Another low kick by Pitbull. Kennedy lands a few left hands. Kennedy catches a front kick, but Pitbull keeps balance. Combination from Kennedy doesn’t land. Low kick from Pitbull. Kennedy tries to get something going, and then he presses Pitbull against the fence. Kennedy gets the takedown, though Pitbull is looking for an opportunity to get a guillotine. Pitbull trying to get back to his feet, while Kennedy is looking to get this one back to the ground. Pitbull wins that battle, and Kennedy keeps him pressed against the cage. A knee from Kennedy hits Pitbull below the belt in the round’s closing seconds. After a few minutes’ pause, the fight resets. Kennedy misses a high kick attempt, but lands a low one. Kennedy fires off another high kick, but misses again before the bell.



Round 3


Kennedy with a low kick. Pitbull flashes a couple of jabs. Kennedy looks for a combination as Pitbull lands another low kick. Pitbull only slightly connects with a one-two. A couple of left hands from Kennedy. Kennedy misses a round kick. Both throw left hands. A left hand by Kennedy lands and knocks Pitbull down! He gets up, but Kennedy swarms him and pins him against the fence. Kennedy has busted Pitbull open on his head!


Kennedy dictates the pace at this point, landing on the inside all he can. Kennedy landing short elbows in close. One-two from Kennedy. Kennedy lands a big knee to the inside, but Pitbull fires back with his hands. Pitbull with a combination, and Kennedy is stunned! Kennedy is wobbled against the fence, and Pitbull pours it on! Kennedy is covering up! Pitbull drops Kennedy, and the referee steps in! This one is done!



It’s still Pitbull’s yard! Patricio Pitbull retains the Bellator featherweight championship!





Patricio Pitbull defeats Jeremy Kennedy by 3rd round TKO (4:07) in a Bellator Featherweight Title bout