Corey Anderson can be considered one of the greatest light heavyweight fighters in the world today, but he has never been able to grab the brass ring that is a Light Heavyweight Championship. Anderson, however, does hold victories over five former Light Heavyweight Champions: Ryan Bader, Glover Teixeira, Jan Blachowicz, Phil Davis and Sean O’Connell. Anderson joined Bellator with a second-round TKO of Melvin Manhoef at Bellator 251. Bader then took out Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov and Bader during the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix before a showdown with then-champion Vadim Nemkov in the finals, where he fell short twice. Anderson rebounded with a split-decision win over Davis at Bellator 297, and now looks to finally secure gold.


A lifelong martial artist, Karl Moore has already won light heavyweight gold on the regional circuit. And now, in front of his hometown of Belfast, Moore gets the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to become Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion. Known for his pressure and tenacity in the cage, Moore has won four straight and seven of his last eight. Moore enters tonight 4-0 in the Bellator cage, most recently topping Alex Polizzi via unanimous decision at Bellator 297.


The time is now – who will become the new Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion of the world?



Round 1


Anderson flashes the jab to start. Both land a jab. Three-punch combination backs Moore up. Anderson pressuring, backing Moore up. Moore walked around the outside of the cage. The two trading on the outside. Anderson landing a couple of overhands. Moore misses a left hand. Crowd firmly behind Moore right here. Anderson misses a right hand. One-two by Anderson. Left hook from Moore. Anderson presses Moore against the cage briefly. Small combination from Moore. Moore lands a left hand that catches Anderson’s attention. Moore lands a kick and Anderson is wobbly. Moore comes in and Anderson tries to grapple up. Moore gets away.


One-two from Moore. Left hand from Anderson. Anderson shoots in and scores a takedown. Anderson tries to flatten Moore out, working in the half guard. Anderson fires off some short left hands. Moore trying to get an underhook to work his way back up. Moore gets the underhook, but Anderson continues to rain down several short punches. Moore trying to keep Anderson down, trying to hold on. Anderson is trying to transition into a better position. Anderson with a couple of right hands before the bell.



Round 2


High kick from Moore is blocked. Anderson fires off a kick. Right hand by Anderson and he presses Moore against the fence, looking for another takedown. Moore survives briefly, but Anderson ends up scoring the takedown. Moore explodes up, but Anderson hangs on to Moore’s head. Anderson transitioning between single and double-leg takedown attempts, but Moore doing a good job staying balanced. Moore threatens a guillotine. Anderson remains chest-to-chest with Moore against the fence. The referee warns them for lack of activity with about three minutes left. Moore trying to control Anderson’s wrist. Shoulder strike by Anderson.


The referee warns for inactivity again. Anderson working to get a takedown, but Moore is fighting it off. More pressuring against the fence, and once more the referee warns about inactivity. The referee finally steps in with about 1:12 left, bringing the two back to the center. The two exchange there. Moore lands a left, Anderson lands a right. Anderson finds more success with the left hand. Anderson looks for an outside single-leg takedown. The round ends with the two pressed against the fence once more.



Round 3


The referee warns the two about the spots in round two where there was a lack of activity. Anderson catches a kick from Moore and drives him down to the mat, with Anderson on top in half-guard. Moore looking for an underhook and brings up a full guard. Moore looks for an armbar, but Anderson avoids it. Anderson tries to work his top game. Moore brings the two over to the fence, looking to use it to stand up. Moore manages to use his legs and locks in an armbar! Anderson in trouble! Wait, Anderson scrambles and gets out of it, and he gets back into top position!



Anderson looks to work in top position, but the referee calls for time, warning Anderson that he’s using his head to strike, which would be a foul. Anderson continues to pressure him with top game upon the fight resuming. Moore gets back to his feet with a little more than 90 seconds left in the round. It’s back to the pressure against the fence. Anderson throws knees to the legs of Moore. The referee separates them and brings them to the middle with 30 seconds left. Moore lands a strong punch. Moore with a combination with 10 seconds left in the round. Moore goes for a takedown attempt, and Anderson avoids it. Anderson goes for a takedown, but the bell sounds.



Round 4


Small combination from Moore. Moore lands the left hand. Anderson coming forward. Moore blocks a kick from Anderson. Anderson grabs a leg and tries to shoot. He scores another takedown about a minute into the round. Anderson on top and in half-guard again. Anderson trying to posture up here, but Moore trying to keep him down. Anderson landing short left hands. Anderson’s cornering telling him to create more space, but Moore trying to advance position. Moore explodes and gets back to the feet.


Anderson trying to keep Moore’s back against the fence, but Moore manages to escape. Moore charges with a combination, but doesn’t land much. Anderson tries to reach down for Moore’s leg. Anderson scores another takedown on Moore. Anderson gets into side control. Anderson bringing shoulder pressure. Moore scrambles back to his feet, but Anderson trying to get a cradle hold. Anderson grabbing at Moore’s legs again, but Moore resists another takedown attempt. Anderson ends the round by pressing Moore against the fence again.



Round 5


Moore trying to get something going, trying to work combinations. Anderson’s pressure is relentless, however, and he lands a right hand that seems to hurt Moore. Anderson scores another takedown and gets into Moore’s guard. Moore trying to keep Anderson down with butterfly hooks as he tries to get back to his feet. Moore returns to the feet, and we’re back to Moore’s back pressed against the fence by Anderson. Moore gets out of Anderson’s grasp. Moore tries for a right hand. Anderson with a right. Moore throws up a high kick. Anderson drives in and gets yet another takedown.


With less than two minutes remaining, the fight is paused again for Anderson using his head as a striking instrument. The two are returned to the center of the cage. Moore throwing a flurry. Anderson still pressuring, and he gets Moore back to the fence one more time. The referee calls for action, and Moore separates with about 30 seconds left. Moore looks to explore with his striking, but Anderson grabs a hold of them and uses his wrestling to take a hold of him again. The bell sounds.


Corey Anderson is the new Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion! Anderson finally tastes gold!





Corey Anderson defeats Karl Moore by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46 x2) in a Bellator Light Heavyweight Title bout (Previously Vacant)