The son of 1980 Hungarian Olympic wrestling gold medalist Norbert Novenyi Sr., Norbert Novenyi Jr. has looked to make his own mark on the world of combat sports. Novenyi is unbeaten at 7-0, with six finishes to his name so far. A multiple-time grappling champion fighting out of London Shootfighters, Novenyi enters the Bellator cage for the seventh time tonight. He most recently fought at Bellator 297, scoring a first-round knockout of Kamil Oniszczuk.


Dalton Rosta has made his own name in Bellator’s middleweight division early on in his career. With a strong wrestling background combined with solid boxing, Rosta has earned four finishes out of his eight victories thus far. Rosta, who has an unbeaten amateur boxing record, looks to rebound from his first professional MMA loss here tonight, having lost to Aaron Jeffery at Bellator 298.


Who will find themselves one step closer to a potential Bellator middleweight title shot down the line?



Round 1


Novenyi rushes forward with a one-two. One-two in response from Rosta. Rosta level changes and presses Novenyi to the fence. Low kick from Rosta. Novenyi breaks off the clinch. Rosta still on the front foot and rushes forward, pressing Novenyi to the fence. Rosta ankle picks and gets the takedown. Knee from Rosta. Knee to the legs of Novenyi. Novenyi Wizzers to get out of Rosta’s grasp. Novenyi throws a big knee but gets taken down again by Rosta. Novenyi looking to roll through, but Rosta has a hold of him.


Novenyi looking for a potential armbar attempt from the bottom, but Rosta gets around it and battles Novenyi from the guard. Elbow by Rosta. Novenyi gets the two to the fence and tries to get himself back to his feet. Rosta continuing to pressure. Novenyi rolls through, but Rosta continues to defend Novenyi’s defenses. Rosta gets a hold of the arm briefly. Rosta lands a couple of strong strikes before the bell.



Round 2


Novenyi coming forward here. One-two by Rosta. Novenyi misses a one-two. Rosta shoots in and presses Novenyi against the fence. Novenyi manages to get off the fence. Rosta tries to grab at Novenyi’s legs again and pressing him into the cage. Rosta is looking for the takedown, but Novenyi defends it.


Novenyi now tries for his own body lock. Novenyi gets back control while standing, and Rosta attempts to get the grip broken. Novenyi isn’t able to get the fight to the ground. Rosta with a solid right hand, and Rosta now gets Novenyi back to the fence. Rosta gets another takedown of Novenyi in the closing seconds of the round. Rosta narrowly misses a high kick. Rosta fires off a one-two right before the bell, and Novenyi gets inside.



Round 3


Right hand from Novenyi. Rosta rushes forward with a combination, landing a strong uppercut. Rosta loses balance and Novenyi jumps on top. Rosta gets back to his feet. Novenyi lands a couple of strong shots, and Rosta appears hurt. Novenyi pressuring and pressing Rosta. Novenyi with a barrage of shots against the fence. Rosta gets a desperation takedown attempt. Novenyi gets on top, however, and lands a couple of strong ground strikes. Novenyi continues to land on top.


Novenyi all over Rosta. Rosta was forced to stand back up. Knee and a punch from Novenyi. Rosta goes for another takedown, and it’s stuffed again. Right hand from Novenyi. Novenyi in control. Rosta gets back to his feet. Rosta eats a right hand and tries another takedown. Novenyi landing several ground strikes. Novenyi landing a few strong elbows. Novenyi backs up and forces Rosta to stand back up again. Big knee from Novenyi and a right hand from Rosta. Rosta presses Novenyi back against the fence. Novenyi breaks off, but Rosta presses him against the fence again. Rosta looks to get to the back. Novenyi tries to break free, but Rosta holds on. Novenyi now has Rosta against the fence. Rosta with a left hand. Rosta throws a one-two before the bell.





Dalton Rosta def. Norbert Novenyi Jr. via majority decision (28-28, 29-28 x2)